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Required Events

Mandatory Attendance (31 Points)

Pledge BBQ

Park | Oct. 13th, 2019

Meet the pledges and officers of PTS over BBQ. We hope you all have a fun time!

General Meeting 1

Etcheverry Hall | Oct. 21th, 2019

Pledge project teams due.

General Meeting 2

Etcheverry Hall | Nov. 4th, 2019

Pledge project concept sketches due.

General Meeting 3

Etcheverry Hall | Nov. 18th, 2019

Final pledge project prototype due.

Big/Little Event

TBD | 1 Point

This is an event between the pledge and the officer. It should be scheduled between the two of you. Prepare to meet your big!

Town Hall

Etcheverry Hall | Oct. 28th, 2019


Etcheverry Hall | Dec. 7th, 2019

The moment of truth, pledges have been working hard to get to this point. Bring your project out and be ready to have a fun day!

Outreach Events

10 Points Required

SWE Science Saturdays

Oct. 2nd, 2019

PTS is helping out SWE teach elementary school kids about science. Come help out!

Engineering Day

Oct. 26th, 2019

Come help PTS out at Berkeley’s largest day of volunteering. Should be a fun time!

SWE Mini University

Nov. 18th, 2019

Social Activities

15 Points Required


Oct. 25th, 2019

Ice Skating

Nov. 16th, 2019

Come hang out with officers and fellow pledges at the Oakland Ice Skating Rink!

Board Game Night

Nov. 6th, 2019

Come to hang out with PTS and play some board games!