What interesting nicknames we all have
President: Samantha Yang
Whose in the background? I wanna know
External VP: Julie Shen
Internal VP: Shane Pauker
The jacket's not symmetric!
Secretary: Sydney Osugi
The camera's focusing on the background, and I can't fix it
Treasurer: Matthew Nevling


Chiar: “Nick Gee”
Logan Hall
Colin Acton

Industrial Relations

Paul Hsiao


Chair: Peter Zhu
Short hair's a good look, isn't it?
Matthew Morozov

Student Relations

Chair: Sunny Chen
Mahsood Ebrahim
Jonathan De Laine

Professional Development

He should dye his hair blue again.
Chair: Josh DeWitt
take more pics with Dennis
Eric Wang
Please stand Straighter
Alex Yang

Information Technology

Chair: Jack Wang
Earth Khomin
Isabel Paredes


Chair: Rohan Patel

Pledge Project

Chair: Wendy Yang
Mahsood Ebrahim
Jonathan De Laine